Seven Songs

by Gifts

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Ben Seretan
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Ben Seretan Finely wrought emo - big hearts and plenty of palm muting, but a thoughtfulness and a complexity often missing from this kinda music. *Really* excellent drumming on this. Favorite track: Term Paper.
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Shouts to all of our close friends and family.
This is for them.


released November 12, 2014

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Adam Cichoki



all rights reserved


Gifts Montclair, New Jersey

We make this music to share with people. Enjoy.


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Track Name: Low
How long does it take for you to change?
Im not telling you that you need to

Take my hands and shake me
Its all I need today

How long, how low?

I know its getting hard
the play we made
it didn’t change
how hard is it now
To say you tried?

Take my hands and shake them
i’m so sacred that you won’t
I need your push to take this path
and move my legs.

But now, How long? how low?
It makes a fucking difference, its not hard!
Track Name: Frames
Realize the truth
in view,
we’re dressed like fools
in sheer robes, found
while running around.
Light breaks through these.

Yea, while we’re here…
Lets make something clear

I’m not what you think
I care so deep that
Ill find meaning in the slightest things
You’ll find me inside waiting

For you to dress me up like them
I couldn’t bear the sight of empty

My arms reside
Like tides, how low
are you? when do you plan
on coming around?
I’ll hold your place…

Nows your chance to fake
Like that time we shared a space
Spent the day collaging your meaning
as you

told me how you saw yourself
In your sink, or your fathers frames
you’ll say i couldn’t face your fears
Not mine
i couldn’t look you in the eye
nows the time
Track Name: Rooms
Hes the plot, he's sure seen a lot
I dont care or mind you said that Id be fine

Im ok now the room falls apart
This is how it feels when you're alone
In your room after dark

Im scared to tell
If all ive learned is far
from how i feel today
and now its hard to say

im ok now the room falls apart
this is how it feels when you're alive
in your room after dark

the light it guides
the waves of mine
the tale it tells
the feels it felt

im never alone
the feelings im prone to
are never shown
the feelings home
Track Name: Big Brother
I can't forget
maybe its better now then it was then
im not so sure
its harder now to look at you and tell you that i care
you were never there
at least it felt that way
its coated lightly by my memories
of when
we use to play or spend the day inside
it doesn't last
and taking time to look back I

can't believe it took so long

I can't forget
that everything you taught me makes me everything I am
im not so sure
that running off into the rainy afternoon will show me what I'm looking for
I pay a price
every time you leave
just for the night?
ill see you soon
its like my dreams are trapped inside your empty room
the side of your bed
where everything you left
is left untouched
perhaps unsaid
im kneeling trying to break my head
i can't believe
it took so long
to face your heart
and find your strength to move on
to leave the house like you left my arms
its not like how we make it seem.

I know these tears i cry are those from you to me
and all these memories i have are those you left for me to see
and all those dreams you got were passed own
through my hands and to me knees
beside your bed
i can see it now
i can see it now.
Track Name: Term Paper
im not waiting to
make a change or
face the pain
its like a room was built and

the whole thing makes me sick
maybe we
can have

another season pass us by, i know
its now or never
my hearts burning down, from where I stand
six floors deep and

its made me insane

i've never had another thought
quite like how I don't know what
its like to have a separate thought
one that's independent of

my brain is making
every excuse its feeling
all the abuse I'm giving up this

painful interactive game I play
fingertips are
numb from pushing buttons, why so soon
i can't afford to sit around

i made the mistake
unknown pleasures haunt me
tell me what it is that stops me
Track Name: Tracing Paper
Ive traced this line before
Now I’m not so sure if how we let the little things
replace us in the end or

Take how hard its been
and have it dance round the whole time
I’ve come to this, now I have regrets

Weighted but tell me how light this feels
Faded not unlike before
Crazy as it seems its better left unsaid
I’m sure you’ve realized by now that

Its got a lot to do with
my heart and its waiting game.
Pensive then ill say
these drawings always

Take how hard its been
and have it dance around the whole time
My whole life comes to this, now I’m sure its

The way I walk
Jagged Strides
but maybe
Its how I dance
Would I even know?
Track Name: Wring Me Out

its something I cant do
its something you would too.
Hold my hand,
every finger blends together.

and maybe keep the worth it kind of things
and its been a while since anyone convinced me other wise.

Trust can be the end of this.
I'm only hoping you'd turn around watch the difference,
its kept me distant.

You said you're further now than ever, and its better.
But these circles are unfinished and done one over, say its over.

Can't you see? When feelings drop the cold sets in, or rather truth.
We find ourselves looking through, its me into you.
Its how I know to watch it all go back,
against this room thats not much better.
An endless constant thought, the breaking, creating.
You said its harder now to let go, from the get go, but I ask of you to try me. Wring me out. Its water just the same as you and please believe if we had to find out. Its better now, its better now. Forget me now. Its us moving here.

Please believe in me.