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released January 20, 2012



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Gifts Montclair, New Jersey

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Track Name: In My Grasp
I've been here before, did you know that? Its all I've ever been! You believe me? Can you see me? I've watched the wholeness relieve itself, conceive everybody's thoughts and place me anywhere it wanted. You'll see. I tried hard, did you know that? I lied down. All these places, near these faces, and I'm sure its better now, the pressure seems to lack. Aren't you lonely? And there's so much less to think about. You warned me. But can you hear me screaming? I'm so sure of everything I ever said. It's like I'm hurrying and wishing you would turn around and focus on what we were talking about. And I know I'm sad, I've watched this grow! Im likely to forget what you said. But I'm so bad and you will leave me here to ponder what I'm going to do! How I should feel! I'll raise my hands and stare at the sky! I'm constantly dreaming that all of what i want is in my grasp! I'll raise my hands and stare at the sky!
Track Name: Wring Me Out
Retreat, its something i can't and some thing you could too. Hold my hand, every finger blends together. And believe and maybe keep the worth it kind of things, and its been a while since anyone convinced me otherwise. Trust can be the end of this, and I'm only hoping you'd turn around, watch the difference, its held me distant. You said that we're further now than ever, and its better. These circles are unfinished and done one over, say its over. Can't you see when feelings drop the cold sets in or rather true and we find ourselves looking through, its me into you. Its how i know to watch it all go back down this hill thats not much better. An endless conscious thought, the breaking, creating. You said its harder now to let go, from the get-go, but i ask of you to try me, wring me out, its water just the same! Try me! Wring me out! Its water just the same as you. Please believe if we had to find out, its better now. Forget me now. Its us moving here. Please believe in me.
Track Name: Keep You From Everything
Why can't I say simple things like hows it going! And I know now its easier said then done, but im trying my hardest. Where do you think i stand. Is it better when i couldnt help you see. You're scaring me. Why don't you watch me stare, Its likely that you'll notice everything. Its easier for me. Locked in the deepest place, where everyone's watching the sun set but hopefully, you'll see that im holding on and focused on giving you everything. Hopefully. Yea im trying hard to tell you. Im trying everything. Watch me make mistakes. Can you see through the way that im moving. Im tied to all of your movement, its all about placement. So im building a palace to keep you from everything, and building a fortress somewhere you can't see.